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Analogue To Digital Transition

Most broadcasters and producers have been struggling to understand the analogue to digital transition taking place throughout the world. Often, we hear clients say – “Analogue will be around for a long time to come so why go digital” – our answer follows in three parts:-

The manufacturers of analogue equipment have no interest in keeping analogue equipment alive as they have invested millions of dollars in research and development in digital technology.
Digital technology is cheaper and of higher quality than analogue.
Europe and the USA both have laws in place which will ban analogue transmission within the next 10 years.
So whether we like it or not the change will come and sooner than we all think. Right now every broadcaster and producer, from the smallest to the largest, is struggling with the budgetary problems of making this transition.

As specialists in the East African markets where budgets are of prime concern, we are able to provide our clients with solutions which allow them to carry on using their existing analogue equipment while slowly integrating the new technology without redundancy.

Digital Archive Solutions

Increasingly, the media and entertainment industry is looking to digital storage solutions to solve their content archive problems.

With the industry embracing an all-digital process that encompasses everything from filming to postproduction and distribution, the time is right to move content libraries from tapes or offline vaults to scalable digital archive systems.

Visual Engineering Services Ltd helps organizations make that move by covering each of the four areas that must be considered in developing a digital archive—capacity, performance, reliability, and cost.

Professional Video Training

We at Visual Engineering Services believe that our client’s personnel are the key to success. We have a team of the industry’s top trainers with a proven track record.

The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. We at Visual Engineering Services Ltd believe that the HR of the client’s personnel is key to the success of the institutional goals. We have a team of the industry’s top trainers with a proven track record of results.

Visual Recording Solutions

As our name suggests, Visual Engineering Services Ltd is all about providing you with visual solutions for TV Stations, Radio Stations, Production facilities, Churches, Public relations firms, Press departments, Corporations and Small businesses.
Visual Engineering Services Ltd consults and helps you discover the best audio and video production solutions for your needs.

We can also then provide you with video production, video editing and postproduction video services such as training, installation and support.
We pride ourselves in knowing our market. Our goal is to meet all creative, corporate and budgetary needs for our clients.

This makes Visual Engineering Services Ltd the perfect choice for any video production service requirements.

Conference Halls | Meeting Rooms Board Rooms

We provide turnkey solutions for designing conference halls, meeting rooms and boardroom facilities.

Our design team includes architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers sound engineers, interiors designers, lighting experts and builders.

Our approach to designing these facilities is to carry out a site survey and prepare a project brief. When the project is approved then a set of 3D drawings of the proposed final design is signed off by the client thereby preventing errors in the final project implementation.

We can incorporate projection facilities, audio and translation facilities, teleprompting , intelligent lighting, remote camera production facilities, editing and DVD duplication facilities.

Professional Video Equipment

No matter how big or small the project, equipment purchasing and inventory management is a crucial process within any project. Much of the equipment is ordered from overseas, increasing the complexity of purchasing.

Manufacturers need constant monitoring to assure that the right equipment arrives on time. Purchasing schedules need to be integrated into the project schedule to prevent delays.Visual Engineering Services Ltd’s Purchasing Team is a key contributor to any of our client’s projects.

Our equipment acquisition services provide you with our Purchasing Team’s expertise in handling and managing equipment ordering, scheduling, testing upon arrival, preparation and staging for the client’s project. Moreover, our manufacturer relationships assure you of excellent pricing and priority delivery.

We take the supply of equipment very seriously from the smallest items to the largest turnkey project. Our goal is to attain the client’s ultimate satisfaction.

Turnkey Systems Design | Systems Integration

The first phase of every project is System Design, which begins with a needs analysis. The needs analysis is produced through a series of meetings between our team of engineers and architects and your team to clearly understand and define your exact expectations, functional requirements, and a realistic budget.

Once we have articulated the client’s needs, we begin drafting workflow and signal flow diagrams. The purpose of these diagrams is to visually illustrate how your solution will work and how it needs to be engineered. With the workflow diagrams, we reconcile your team’s personal preferences with our team’s recommendations to determine the best technical products and configuration of every key piece of equipment. This includes items such as cameras, switchers, routers, monitors, editing systems, lighting, acoustics, storage, video servers, 2D and 3D effects systems, and more.

With the workflow and budget confirmed, our team then develops floor plan layouts, estimated power consumption, and AC requirements. If we are working with a new building, these are critical inputs for the building architect and building contractor.
Once we’ve completed workflow diagrams, our Human Resources Team prepares staffing requirements for the solution. This will allow the client to have a head start on hiring and budgeting for staff. In addition to Phase 1, our HR Team can help you assemble job descriptions. (Responsibilities and requirements and if need be we can place temporary staff while permanent staff is being sourced)
After design is completed, engineering can begin.

Systems Integration

Visual Engineering Services Ltd. recognizes the dynamic nature of today’s technology. Technological trends are moving faster than many are able to keep up to date with.
Visual Engineering Services Ltd is always at the forefront of all technological innovations.
We are constantly evaluating new technology to establish what is most suitable and sustainable within our market.

Turnkey Integration is a project that starts with a comprehensive assessment of a client’s current technology systems and ends with the delivery of a new technical infrastructure. It means that the client can engage us to design, procure, install, train, test, commission the system and support the system. We will take responsibility for delivering a complete solution.. Our plan includes:

Accelerating the clients’ Return on Investment – We understand that maintaining an optimum balance between costs and expenditure is critical for any organization. We make sure that we understand very clearly what the client intends to do and provide relevant advise on the process of executing the overall goals for the customer.
A Robust Support Plan – Visual Engineering Services recognizes the importance of successful integration of the supplied equipment into your day-to-day operations. We are committed to ensuring that our products are aligned to your objectives.
Extensible Business Model – By having a direct relationship with Visual Engineering Services, you have access to all of Visual Engineering’s resources. As the clients’ needs grow, we can meet those additional needs with the assurance of seamless integration into your existing system.
We prefer to work as partners with our clients so that, between us, we arrive at the best solution.
Making a decision to go with Visual Engineering Services leaves your options open for the future.

Visual Engineering Services Ltd provides all the services required to complete your project. Like any complex job, management, coordination, and responsibility are critical factures in delivering a successful technology system. With Turnkey Integration, it is one project, one firm, and most important one firm’s responsibility.
Visual Engineering Services Ltd’s process assures complete transparency as a project transitions from one stage to the next, giving you a detailed view of the steps completed and those remaining. No costly delays, no finger pointing, and no cutting corners.
Turnkey Integration services include technical assessments, design, engineering, wiring, equipment acquisition, installation, testing, configuration, training, and long-term support.

Stage Trucks | PA Systems

We provide the most creatively designed and engineered solutions to our clients for stage trucks and public address systems.

We can design and build Stage Trucks and Trailers to meet any size required and signwritten in the colours of your choice. Our designs allow for the demanding African terrain and road networks whilst maintaining their elegance.

We can design a PA system using computerized acoustic programs to service crowds from 500 to 100,000 people.

This can be a standalone system or incorporated with a stage truck or trailer
Our specialty is rapid deployment of both the Stage truck and PA system for political rallies and events where time is critical.

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